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  If you have ever been in a school play or evenmade believe you were a doctor, detective, or a space traveler, you know theenjoyment that acting brings. Almost all of us have the wish to play the partof someone – or something – else. __________ (71)


  相邻句的wish直接对应D选项的this desire。


  In the ancient world,acting was often associated with religious ceremonies and other specialoccasions. As far back as 2200 B.C. trained Chinese actors performed ceremonialdances in costumes and makeup at harvest festivals. __________ (72) To thedance was gradually added pantomime – the imitation of movements and gestures –as well as the wearing of masks, the singing of chants, and finally the use ofdialogue。


  提到历史起源的选项有两个,一个是A选项,一个是C选项。而A选项的act of remembering与相邻句的dance没有任何关系,所以排除。

  While acting was coming into its own in theancient Chinese classical theatre, it was doing the same in the western world,in Greece. From about 500 B.C. on, acting became a highly specialized art inGreece. Greek actors, however, still wore masks, and their motions were largelyfixed by custom. __________ (73)


  此题直接思路可能会被B选项迷惑,但是学生应该思考一个问题:只有一段提到Greece,对应唯一的一个提到Greece的B选项,对于一模题而言是不是过于弱智了些……所以关注下一段开始的by contrast,两段话需要形成对比转折关系,所以选择G选项little opportunity机会少,与下一段开始的great opportunity形成转折。

  Modern acting, by contrast, gives the individualactor great opportunity to develop his or her personal talents for serious,comic, or musical drama. The names, faces, and styles of famous movie actorsare known worldwide. __________ (74) Aspecial form of acting takes place in radio drama, which was highly popularbefore television. In radio drama the actors face a unique challenge. They areunseen by their audience. So they must rely on voice alone to make theircharacters real to the listeners。


  此段提到现代的表演形式,选项中只有F选项与此段内容有关。另外,试卷中的an unique challenge是错误的,应该是a unique challenge,命题者要仔细啊……

  __________ (75) Onlyforty percent of Broadway actors are employed, most of them for only part ofthe year. Those who become stars need not only talent, but determination. Theymust not be easily discouraged. Otherwise, they might give up before theopportunity for stardom presents itself。



  A.The origins of actingare in the act of remembering。

  B.Drama in Greece beganwith festivals honoring Dionysus。

  C.It is believed thatthis was the first step in the development of acting。

  D.Historical recordsindicate that this desire is as old as civilization itself。

  E.Acting is not, as manypeople think, a quick, easy road to fame and riches。

  F.Broadway andtelevision provide other stages on which actors can display their talent。

  G.Consequently, they hadlittle opportunity to demonstrate their individual personalities。




  参考词汇:Outward Bound 拓展训练


  此次海淀一模情景作文依旧是沿袭2007年至2011年北京卷 “四幅图情景作文”的出题方式,题目中规中矩,难度中等,有一定的区分度,考察课外活动的主题,学生比较容易下笔。





  Had it not been for the hard-wonopportunity given by our mother school, we would not have participated in theoutward bound. Last Friday, I, together with my classmates, headed for theOutward Bound Centre merrily by the school bus in that the charming viewsignificantly feasted our eyes as well as the coming activity seemed excitingbut challenging。

  Upon arrival, we were sorted intoseveral groups under the guidance of our coach. The first impression of themeaningful day was the dangerous broken bridge. Owing to the fact that most ofus were new to it, I was extremely frightened. The encouragement of the coachand our spirit of teamwork, however, helped me make it。

  The second impression of theunforgettable experience was climbing over the wall to “escape”. We spared noeffort to make contributions to the program; as a consequence, all theparticipants succeeded in achieving the goal. Everything finished, we feltexhausted but delighted。

  Next came the most satisfyingmoment. A picture of all members was taken to memorize this extracurricularactivity. Awards such as “Prize for teamwork” and “Prize for courage” were sentto those who stood out。

  Please allow me to express mysincere appreciation to this extracurricular activity, for not only did we wintrust of others, but also build up courage as well as improve sense ofcooperation。



  In your spoken English class, your teacher showsyou the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explainhow you understand it。







  The cartoon portrays a vivid picture in which there is a boy, a boat, anempty net, and a school of fish. To be more specific, the major character,using a telescope, is struggling to search for some fish with great effort,neglecting the ones swimming around him. Ironically, his efforts do not pay offsimply because of his wrong aim and attitude。

  What the story tries to convey is that we high school students should notset a goal out of our reach, ignoring the attainable and accomplishable goal.The boy would harvest more with less hardship only if he abandoned the distantgoal and turned back to focus on the fish around the boat. Such phenomenonseems fairly common in our daily life. Sometimes, we teenagers tend to stick toa target which is beyond our grasp when faced with problems, which will surelylead us to a wrong way and finally in failure。

  In conclusion, it is highly recommended that practical aim be set in ourlife. Only when we realize the utter importance of it can we lead a successfullife。



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