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    59. Who do you think is telling this story?

  A. Beth’s mother。

  B. Beth’s father。

  C. Beth’s grandmother。

  D. Beth’s grandfather。


  细节题。根据文章倒数第二段的his daughter and granddaughter直接判断,没有任何难度。

  If you haven’t heard or seen anything about RoadRage in the last few months, you’ve probably been avoiding the media. Therehave been countless stories about this new and scary phenomenon, considered atype of aggressive driving. You have most likely encountered aggressive drivingor Road Rage recently if you drive at all。

  While drunk driving remains a critical problem,the facts about aggressive driving are surely as disturbing. For instance, accordingto the National Highway Transportation Safety Association, 41,907 people diedon the highways last year. Of those deaths, the agency estimates that abouttwo-thirds were caused at least in part by aggressive driving behavior。

  Why is this phenomenon occurring more than evernow, and why is it something that seemed almost nonexistent a few short yearsago? Experts have several theories, and all are probably partially correct. Onesuggestion is sheer overcrowding. In the last decade, the number of cars on theroads has increased by more than 11 percent, and the number of miles driven hasincreased by 35 percent. However, the number of new road miles has onlyincreased by 1 percent. That means more cars in the same amount of space; andthe problem is magnified in urban areas. Also, people have less time and morethings to do. With people working and trying to fit extra chores and activitiesinto the day, stress levels have never been higher. Stress creates anxiety,which leads to short tempers. These factors, when combined in certainsituations, can spell RoadRage。


  You may think you are the last person who woulddrive aggressively, but you might be surprised. For instance, have you everyelled out loud at a slower driver, sounded the horn long and hard at anothercar, or sped up to keep another driver from passing? If you recognize yourselfin any of these situations, watch out!

  Whether you are getting angry at other drivers,or another driver is visibly upset with you, there are things you can do toavoid any major conflict. If you are susceptible (easily influenced) to RoadRage, the key is to discharge your emotion in a healthy way. If you are thetarget of another driver’s rage, do everything possible to get away from theother driver safely, including avoiding eye contact and getting out of theirway。

  60. The first sentence in Para. 1 implies that__________。

  A. one may be angered by media reports and wantsto avoid them

  B. the media created the term “Road Rage” only afew months ago

  C. Road Rage has received much media coverage inthe last few months

  D. people not interested in the media know littleabout recent happenings


  推断题。议论文题目必然和文章主旨有直接关联。整篇文章讲述关于Road Rage行车安全的相关问题,所以排除完全无关的A选项和D选项。B选项的重点是media,C选项的重点是Road Rage,所以选C选项,与文章内容直接相关。

  61. The underlined word “spell” in Para. 3 means __________。

  A. relieve

  B. cause

  C. spread

  D. prevent


  词汇题。所有词汇题的思路与完形填空解题思路完全一致。这里提问动词,动作发出者是these factors,即前文中提到的stress压力、anxiety焦虑和temper脾气,动作承受者是Road Rage,所以答案为B,压力、焦虑和脾气造成Road Rage的现象。

  62. Which of the following characterizes aggressive driving?

  A. Talking while driving。

  B. Driving at high speed。

  C. Sounding the horn when passing。

  D. Shouting at another driver。


  细节题。直接对应文章第四段的细节,选出D选项应该不难。C选项的细节原文中还有程度描述long and hard,A选项和B选项则没有提到,所以排除。

  63. The last paragraph is intended to __________. []

  A. tell people how to deal with Road Rage

  B. inform people how aggressive drivers could be

  C. show people how to control themselves whenangry

  D. warn people against eye contact with anotherdriver


  细节题。议论文中只有两方面重要:作者论点和作者建议。60题提问作者论点,63题则提问作者建议。根据文章最后一段there are things you can do to avoid any major conflict,可以选出A选项。注意文章最后一段不但提到了如何抑制自己的愤怒,还有如何应对对方的愤怒,所以C选项和D选项是片面的。


  Security – for the information on yoursmartphone, as well as for the phone itself – is a hot topic these days. Thetruth is that you’re packing a lot of sensitive information on your phone, andyou should keep it safe。

  When it comes to physical security, iPhone userswould do well to download Find My iPhone, a free app (application program) fromApple that allows you to visit a website and see your (lost, stolen ormisplaced) phone on a map. You can then sound an alarm, send a message thatwill pop up on its screen, lock the phone or erase all your data。

  Android does not have an exact equivalent, butthere are plenty of alternatives. A free app called Lookout offers thefind-my-phone feature. The paid version allows you to wipe the data from yourphone remotely。

  Then there is your coffee shop’s WiFi network.Anyone with minimal technical expert skill can snoop on (窥视) people usingshared wireless networks, harvesting passwords and other personal data.Lookout’s apps will caution you when you’ve logged on to an unsecure network,but cannot protect you once you’re there。

  In order to protect yourself on such networks,you can use a virtual private network, or V.P.N. This turns all your activityinto nonsense to anyone trying to read along with you from across theStarbucks. It also keeps websites from tracking you and, if you’re traveling,allows you to get access to sites that may be blocked in other countries。

  If you have an iPhone, the simplest V.P.N. app isprobably Hotspot Shield, whose distinguishing feature is said to be that itautomatically kicks in each time you start browsing (浏览), as opposedto other V.P.N. apps that require you to start them up manually. This matters,because even if you decide you want a V.P.N. app, you want to spendapproximately zero time thinking about it. For the most part, that was true of Hotspot Shield,though occasionally it took a while to connect or temporarily lost connectionwithout warning. I found myself having to turn the app on and off sometimes,which involved setting my phone constantly。

  If even reading about the settings on your phonedrives you crazy, then it is probably best to stay away from a V.P.N. app. Butif you’re the type who can’t resist checking your bank balance from your cornerbar, the hassle may be preferable to the risk。

  64. Which of the following can warn you against the unsecure network?

  A. Android。

  B. V.P.N。

  C. Lookout。

  D. Find My iPhone。




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